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Along with the fire burning south of US 14A in the Bighorn National Forest, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is reporting that a second larger fire is burning west of Crow Agency in the Bighorns of Montana. The fire is known as the Lodge Grass Basin fire, and was first reported Tuesday at about 10:45 in the morning. An engine responding found the fire to be about 50 acres in size with no ground access, as it was burning on a canyon cliff east of Buck Ridge. The fire is about a two hour drive from Crow Agency, and is believed to have been lightning caused.
The Big Horn National Forest reports that a small lightning-caused fire is burning near Roane Creek. The fire is located in timber and grass about 2 1/2 miles south of US14A, in an area known as Pete's Hole. A fire helicopter, water tender, and forest service firefighters have been sent to the incident. Fire managers are asking folks to stay out of the area and allow the firefighters to do their jobs safely.
As we reported this morning, the Wyoming Department of Transportation has undertaken a study regarding the installation of a runaway truck ramp on US14 in the Sand Turn area. Earlier this week, another semi-tractor trailer overturned at the turn, once again spilling its load of bentonite. The ramp proposed would be similar to the catch-net system west of Buffalo on US 16, which as we mentioned has been used more times since its installation than other similar ramps.
A Special Investigative Committee, made up of Wyoming legislators including local Representatives Rosie Berger and Mike Madden as well as Tom Lubnau, found multiple missteps by the Department of Education under Superintendent Cindy Hill's tenure. In the report, the Department's 3+8 and Writing Workshop created by Hill were addressed. Hill was not given authorization to run the programs, and went as far to hide them from the legislature.
On the afternoon of July 21st, yet again this year, another semi-tractor trailer carrying bentonite overturned on US14 at Sand Turn, landing face down. There were no reports of injuries to the driver. This is certainly not the first time such an accident has happened at Sand Turn. The Wyoming Department of Transportation is taking notice, and has undertaken the early stages of a feasibility study to install an emergency ramp at or near the turn.
A statewide campaign is underway for the Wyoming Lottery. Starting all the way up until August 24th, you'll start to see and hear ads for the lottery, as tickets go on sale a month from today, August 24th. The campaign is known as "Get Ready To Play". You'll be seeing TV ads and hearing radio ads based on the "jackpotalope".
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A new fire on the Shoshone erupts following the containment of another Wednesday. The Dilworth fire was reported early Sunday afternoon on the north side of the Clarks Fork Canyon. Officials determined that the fire was started by lightning.

Wyoming's unemployment rate is at a round four percent for June. Last month's unemployment rate reflects a slight rise from May, up just a twentieth of a percentile from the prior month.

Big Horn County is beginning its training of election judges today. There will be two trainings both today and tomorrow for Big Horn County's different precincts.

The first fire of the season on the Bighorn Mountains has been reported. Officials have determined that the fire currently burning in the Roane Creek of the Bighorns was started by lightning.
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July 24, 2014
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