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09/19/14 10:54 AM
In the early morning hours of September 1st, a house fire was reported on Welton Lane south of Sheridan. The home was a complete loss, but the family was able to make it out with no injuries. A fundraiser is scheduled for the family this Saturday at the Big Horn Mountain Eagles on Commercial Ave. The family, Cody and Penny Britton, lost all of their possessions in the fire as well, and had minimal house insurance that won't cover what was lost. The fundraiser was brought up by resident John Fafoutakis of Sheridan, at the previous City Council meeting. He describes what folks should bring...
09/19/14 10:33 AM
Following the snow storm a week ago yesterday, the City of Buffalo set up a dump site for tree branches that were downed due to the snow. That location was the park, as it has been in the past. Councilman Dave Long received a concern from a citizen regarding commercial tree and branch removers dumping at the park, with Larry Joubert from the Public Works Department responding...
09/19/14 09:39 AM
Imagine skipping the hustle and bustle that sometimes can be Red Grade Road, particularly on a summer weekend. Wouldn't it be neat to be able to hike up the road on any number of interesting and challenging trails? For the past several months, Sheridan Community Land Trust has been actively working on the project which surrounding land owners were made aware of.
09/19/14 02:41 AM
Bud Stewart with the Wyoming Game and Fish stopped by Community Speaks yesterday, discussing the now underway archery season, particularly in areas surrounding Buffalo. Most of the seasons opened up either on the first of this month, or the 15th. Most folks may not realize that the Game and Fish offers archery hunting pretty close to town, as a means to manage the population...
09/19/14 02:19 AM
A long standing issue with the City of Buffalo is finding qualified people to run on the numerous boards throughout town, whether it be the tree board, one percent optional sales tax board, or lodging tax board to name a few. Several individuals already in the positions will be reappointed and a few stepped up to fill vacant seats. Council didn't approve the board members Tuesday evening without a stumbling block, whether or not the openings were advertised...
09/19/14 02:00 AM

(WY NEWS SERVICE) For many low income families across Wyoming, parenthood may come at a disadvantage, especially when talking about health insurance. For those states that did accept Medicaid funding from the federal government, parents were 33% more likely to be insured. Medicaid gets part of the credit for that. Wyoming alas did not choose to accept federal funding.

Jane Fonfara of Laramie is employed, but can't afford to purchase health insurance due to the lack of a better paying job and lack of Medicaid. She says she feels stuck...
State News

Death of a visitor following a fall is the second recorded in a week. Park personnel retrieved the body of a young girl from the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone after she fell to her death Sunday.

Yellowstone officials pulled the body of a missing employee from a treacherous part of the Yellowstone River Saturday.

The state of Wyoming is moving to intervene in a lawsuit filed by wild horse preservation groups opposing the federal government's plan to remove about 800 horses from areas in the southern part of the state.

Still no sign of a Yellowstone park employee who went missing Monday after illegally floating the Yellowstone River. 22 year old Darian Latty of Georgia and two peers dropped their inner tubes in the Lamar River and floated to the confluence with the Yellowstone.
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September 19, 2014
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