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11/27/14 03:14 AM
The staff at the Big Horn Mountain Radio Network would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving, aka "Turkey Day". Thanksgiving, if you weren't aware, can be traced back to the 1620s in the United States, some sources saying the very first "Thanksgiving" was held between 1621 and 1623. It was held in honor of a good harvest.
11/26/14 02:04 PM
Rumors of a boom have been floating around Buffalo the past few years, but should residents really be worried?  It is true that Buffalo has been in a bit of a housing crisis for years; those who rent and shop for houses in the area have experienced the struggle of finding affordable housing, especially in a time of need.  Throughout the recent past, the area has experienced a roller coaster population count, much like any other town in the United States.  Between the 1980's and 2000's, Buffalo experienced a loss of an average 900 residents, although eventually gained back this decline in population.  Between the early 2000's and today, Buffalo's occupancy has increased by nearly one thousand residents exponentially. 
11/26/14 11:27 AM
The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee's annual Legislative Forums wrapped up last night around 5 pm, after over 34 individuals from different organizations spoke. Listening were State Representatives and Senators in our region, Senators Dave Kinskey and Bruce Burns, as well as Representative Rosie Berger, John Patton, and Mark Jennings.
This was Kinskey's first legislative forum, on the other side of the table as he says. Kinskey was sworn in to fill the seat vacated by the late John Schiffer. He says he had a great time over the course of two days...
11/26/14 09:46 AM
Yesterday's snow/rain mix with blowing snow and all of the other ingredients of a typical winter storm meant for a long night for some, in particular first responders and WYDOT plows, as they kept up with the roads. Throughout the entire day, the stretch of Interstate 90 between the Montana state line and Buffalo reported slick conditions, snowfall, blowing snow, the whole shebang. For a few hours, there was even a no travel advisory on the road. Accidents happened, and the interstate closed at mile post 38, between 7 pm and 9 pm. Ronda Holwell with WYDOT explains..
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Campbell County School District is proud to announce the Veterans of Foreign Wars have selected two teachers from Wright as their 2014 Teacher of the Year. At Wright Junior-Senior High School, the VFW announced that Ms. Erica Killham was selected as the middle school teacher of the year. At Cottonwood Elementary, Mrs. Natalie Prosenick was selected as the elementary teacher of the year.

Press Release - At 10:45 p.m. on November 25th, the Campbell County Fire Department responded to the area of the Olmstead Road and North HWY 59 for a single vehicle rollover crash. Upon arrival to the scene CCFD found a passenger van approximately 75 feet in a field off the east side of the roadway resting on its roof. A total of three occupants were found at the scene with one having been
The number of highway fatalities in Wyoming for 2014 has reached 136 unnecessary deaths so far this year. Many have asked why the fatalities are so much higher than the total number of fatalities for the entire year of 2013 totaling 87. The low number of fatalities in 2013 was a positive accomplishment, but was not expected to become the normal trend. The good news is that a 20 year comparison
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November 26, 2014
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