(Updated) 57-Year-Old Paul Brookhouse Charged With 2nd Degree Murder


A 57-year-old man identified as Paul Brookhouse faces felony charges of 2nd degree murder following an evening shooting at 24 Dee Drive in Sheridan Thursday. At 6:10 pm, Sheridan County Sheriffs officers arrived at the address north of the Big Horn Y after receiving a 911 call that an ambulance was needed as the victim had been shot and was bleeding in a basement apartment. Officers arrived to find Brookhouse in the driveway, who had his arm in a sling due to recent surgery. Brookhouse raised his arms, indicating he was unarmed, and the arriving deputy patted him down.

Brookhouse began to tell the deputy that a man, identified in court today as James Lee Drake, was in the basement. Brookhouse was covered in blood that was not his. The officer asked Brookhouse whether the wounds were self inflicted, to which Brookhouse responded that someone else had done it. The victim's body was found with three gunshot wounds, two to the side and one to the head.

Two guns were also found, a .22 stainless steel revolver and a Ruger of unknown caliber. The stainless steel revolver had blood on it. Brookhouse admitted to deputies that he was the responsible party.

In Circuit Court this afternoon, Brookhouse, via television from the detention center, was read his rights, and made aware of the circumstances of his crime. He was unable to tell Judge Shellely Cundiff the correct date.
County Attorney Matt Redle noted Brookhouse had a criminal history in two other states. In Texas, he was charged with check fraud, which was later dismissed. In Idaho (see that story here via Boise TV station KBOI) he was arrested for impersonating a peace officer, a charge which was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Redle noted that Brookhouse likely doesn't have close ties to Sheridan County or Wyoming, and was born in South Carolina. He was previously kicked out of the address, 24 Dee Drive. In light of that and due to the seriousness of the case, bond was set at $100,000.

Brookhouse willl have a preliminary hearing in under ten days, and will have to hire an attorney in seven days or less. 

The Sheridan County Sheriffs Department, and Goose Valley VFD responded to a reported gun shot call at 24 Dee Drive Thursday evening, at about 6:00 pm according to scanner traffic. At this time it appears that a possible murder may have taken place at the scene, and one suspect identified as 57-year-old Paul Brookhouse is currently under arrest for 2nd degree murder charges. Sheriff Dave Hofmeier...
Hofmeier noted there was no danger to the public following the incident. He also states that the County Cororner will not release the name of the victim in the case until the next of kin has been notified, as per the norm in these cases. He states if the case had presented a danger, he would have notified the media immediately.
Sheridan County Circuit Court indicates Brookhouse is due for his initial appearance at 2 pm this afternoon. Big Horn Mountain Radio will have more details following the court case this afternoon. Check back later this afternoon or listen to the 5 pm newscast for details.

Editors note: details of the actual crime committed are still limited, and as such, information on this article may and likely will fluctuate. We will attempt to note via timestamps when these changes took place.
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