Severe Weather Hammers Montana/NE Wyo

Although we may have just seen the very gusty wind and a few sprinkles here in Northeastern Wyoming, Sunday's storm brought hail and supercells to areas of southern Montana from Billings to Ashland and points eastward. Storm hunters out and about yesterday were able to capture some pretty intense, and not photoshopped pictures of the supercells as they made their way across the region. Meteorologist Joe Lester with the National Weather Service says we aren't expecting any severe weather again for some time, but we're getting in to the season where hail damage could be possible...

It was early June of last year when an infamous thunderstorm brought large hail to northern Sheridan County, damaging vehicles and property, and sending out of state hail repair contractors to stay in town until the end of the summer.

Pictures blowing up on Facebook today show a super cell thunderstorm (or Mesocyclone) outside of Wright, Wyoming yesterday (pictured), as well as similar circular shaped storms in Montana. Lester says those are typical supercells, which do not always contain or produce tornadoes, despite their spinning appearance. Regardless, tornadoes still occur in our neck of the woods, and now would be a great time to make sure you are prepared. A weather radio is a good start. More tips can be found here.

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