Brady Safranek

Title: Operations Manager / On-Air Kix 96.5 / Bison Sports/ Voice of Community Speaks

Phone: 307-684-7070

Brady is the Operations Manager, KIX 96.5 Morning Host, and Sports Director for the Big Horn Mountain Radio Network. Working in radio has  allowed Brady to live in numerous states including South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, before settling out west in beautiful Wyoming. Brady is originally from Illinois and decided he wanted to get into the radio business because he didn’t want a real job.  Spinning records (ok we don’t spin records anymore) and entertaining listeners sure sounded better than digging ditches or stamping license plates, so after finishing high school Brady went to broadcasting school at Brown College  in Minnesota. Brady’s favorite part of his job is calling high school sports for the Buffalo Bison and Lady Bison. In his spare time, Brady likes to go hiking with his dog, camping, and especially fishing! He listens to all types of music, but really loves to jam out to almost anything from the 1990’s.


Listen to Brady every morning on KIX 96.5!

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