Officers Mussell And Hunter Given Life Saving Recognition

Three officers with the Gillette Police Department were pressented with life saving awards at Tuesday's Gillette City Council Meeting.

On January 18th, 2017 at approximately 9:00pm Officer Ryan Mussell was dispatched to an EMS assist where it was reported that a 48-year-old male was not breathing.

Officer Mussell arrived, along with Officer Kris Hunter, Officer Trevor Johnson and Officer Forest Rothleutner, in case additional assistance was needed.

As Officer Mussell assessed the male victim, he determined that the male was unresponsive, not breathing and he was unable to locate a pulse.

Officer Hunter immediately began giving chest compressions while Officer Mussell attempted to clear the male’s airway. Officer Mussell determined that the victim had a blocked airway and took extraordinary measures to clear it.

Once the airway was cleared, EMS arrived and continued care as the victim regained a pulse and began breathing.

The male was transported to the hospital for further care and later recovered and was released.

Due to Officer Mussell and Officer Hunter’s quick action, ability to appropriately assess the situation and implement needed life saving measures, I am proud to present them with the Department’s Life Saving Award.

On January 20th, 2017 at approximately 10:00a.m Officer Stegman was dispatched to an apartment in reference to an EMS call.

The call was in reference to a mother reporting that her 2-week old son was not breathing.

Officer Stegman arrived shortly after being dispatched. Immediately upon contacting the mother and the infant, Officer Stegman took the child and assessed his condition.

Officer Stegman found that the infant was blue in the face, was not breathing and was not responding in any way.

Officer Stegman began giving the infant chest compressions and after a short time the child coughed and it appeared he may have been choking on something.

Officer Stegman then began taking measures to clear the infant’s airway, which included mouth sweeps and back blows. With the assistance of the child’s mother, who assisted in clearing the airway while Officer Stegman continued to hold him, they were able to restore the infants breathing.

After EMS arrived and assed the child he was transported to the hospital for further treatment. Officer Stegman checked back with the family the following week and learned that the child had been taken to Denver for further evaluation, but was expected to make a full recovery.

Due to Officer Stegman’s quick response and actions, I would like to present her with the Department’s Life Saving Award. As you may notice, Officer Stegman has a red bar over her name plate indicating that she has previously received a Life Saving Award.   

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