Small Business and Exports at the Chamber Luncheon

Three members of the Small Business Association, Matt Varilek, the Region VIII Administrator, Wayne Gardella, the District Director for Montana, and Amy Lea, the District Director for Wyoming, spoke at Wednesday's Sheridan Chamber Luncheon. The topic at hand, aside from small businesses was how those businesses can expand by exporting their goods overseas. Despite seeming like a daunting task for small businesses, exporting isn't as hard as it sounds, says Varilek...

In addition to those two resources, you have the backing of the Small Business Administration, which wants to see you succeed. There are four areas the SBA focuses on, called three C's and a D...

The D stands for Disaster Assistance, which means the SBA has your back in the case of loans going south or other areas as needed for example.
Some figures the SBA showcased Wednesday: in Region VIII, which encompasses Wyoming, Colorado and Utah and the Dakotas, there were 30,017 jobs created by the SBA in 2013. $29 billion in lending to businesses occurred last year. There were 118 loans given out in Wyoming, 22 in Sheridan County. Overall, it provided $67.6 million in infusion to the area. The SBA works with federal agencies to get small businesses their support.

Wayne Gardella from Montana spoke more about exporting, saying 96% of the worlds consumers are not in the United States. He used Vista West Engineering for an example on how their services could be exported.

Finally, Amy Lea spoke about a success story from here in Wyoming, with a Saratoga-based company that won the SBA Exporter of the Year award last year for region 8. The company, Offero, LLC, makes specialized coffee cups, and is currently exporting them to 14 countries.
Basically, says Varilek, it shows that it can be done...

Pictured in order from top to bottom are Varilek, Gardella, and Lea.


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