Search Ongoing for Missing Casper Teens

Two Casper teens have been reported missing since June 5th. Christopher Hick, 16, and Trevor Tyree, 16, were according to Hick's mother, last seen in Buffalo the same day. Hick's mother believes the boys may be driving a grey and red 1988 Suburban with 17 county plates, a dent in the back door, and tinted back windows.
As of today, there is no word whether or not the boys have been found. If you have any information, or have seen the boys, you are encouraged to contact the Casper Police Department at (307) 235-8278 or Private Investigator Amanda Waldron at (307) 797-0363. Big Horn Mountain Radio Network was informed that there were no reports of missing children in Buffalo by Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder. We have contacted the Casper Police Department to confirm the validity of this story, but as of this post, have not received return correspondence.

Picture courtesy Facebook, Christopher Hick (right), Trevor Tyree (left).

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Location : Buffalo
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