Washakie County Commissioners Meeting Recap

The Washakie County Commissioners met throughout the day on Tuesday, September 20. During the morning session Project Manager Brad McCaslin for Banner Health Development and Construction provided a quarterly update to the Commissioners, the WMC Hospital Board and WMC CEO Jay Stallings regarding how the Washakie Medical Center Expansion and Renovation project is coming along. McCaslin reported that the Patient Wing was completed on September 14, temporary ED construction provisions were done on Monday, September 19, ED expansion and renovation work began on September 8 and is expected to be done by February of 2017, OR video integration upgrades are progressing, the expansion of the OR began on September 8 and is expected to be completed by December of 2016, while renovation work of the entry and lobby will start sometime this October and is expected to be done by July of 2017. McCaslin also stated that Banner Health approved funding for an OR Video Integration System. McCaslin also recognized the efforts of Lisa Van Brunt and Mark Schlattman for their dedication to ensuring a smooth transition from the existing space into the new Patient Wing. McCaslin also praised Katie Dalby for her leadership in helping coordinate the construction of this project. WMC Board member Anna Venable said that there will be an Open House in the new Patient Wing of the Washakie Medical Center on Thursday, October 6 from 3pm to 7pm. After the report in the Commissioners room of the courthouse, McCaslin provided a tour to everyone at the construction site that attended the Commissioners meeting.

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