Worland City Council Meeting Recap

The Worland City Council was in session on Tuesday night, October 4 in the City Hall Chambers. Worland Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission member Garrett Immesoete was in attendance to address the Council by request in a letter that a change is made to the matrix in Chapter 24 of the Worland City Code involving zoning. Immesoete said that the Worland BAPC would like this change to go through in order to make this area more business friendly. If the change passes then gymnasiums would be allowed to operate in a light industrial zone. City Clerk Tracy Glanz stated that there is someone who has a gym in the city and that this person was provided a 90 day permit that is about to expire soon. A motion was made by Councilman Keith Gentzler that the Council table resolution 2016-5 so that they can study this further before a decision is made and also made a motion to have the Worland BAPC give the gym owner an extension on the 90 day permit that was issued a few months ago. Both motions were approved. Councilman Marcus Sanchez said that he’s pleased that the Worland BAPC is looking to make this zoning change for the better.  In other business, the Council approved the appointment of Terry Livingston by Mayor Dave Duffy to be on the Worland-Ten Sleep Visitors Council. Superintendent of Public Works Brian Burky reported that crews this past Saturday, October 1st finished sealing 3 ½ miles of road and 1 mile was falk sealed. The work took 6 weeks to complete. Airport Manager Lynn Murdoch said that Great Lakes Airlines is officially moved out of the Worland Municipal Airport and that TSA will be at the Airport for 30 days.

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