Worland City Council Meeting Recap

The Worland City Council met in regular session on Tuesday night, September 20 in the City Hall Chambers. Superintendent of Public Works Brian Burky reported that over 60 people attended a public meeting at Hillcrest Park over a week ago. Burky said that a lot of citizens expressed interest in having new playground equipment, a zipline and that the Park is ADA accessible. Burky provided a few photos to the Council regarding what the new playground equipment at Hillcrest Park will look like adding that the he’s expecting to order the equipment this week and that it should arrive sometime in the next 3 weeks. Burky praised WBI for assisting with this project and also indicated that people at the meeting also showed interest in keeping the slide, swing and merry-go-round at the Park, but mentioned that all of those items will be inspected and if they’re safe then they will stay at the Park. Councilman Keith Gentzler provided a Street Committee report to the Council that he along with Councilmembers Dennis Koch and Michele Rideout are a part of. One of the reasons why the Committee was formed was to research costs in order to try and improve the city streets, curbs and gutters. With help from Building Inspector Nick Kruger, Gentzler said that they did receive a price quote from McClellan and McQueen for over $1,800, while the Committee also received a cost estimate of over $2,600 from Schneider Construction for a 45 foot lot. City Clerk Tracy Glanz stated that the city has a curb and gutter loan that would cost more than $20 to $25 a month within the course of 6 years to help fund this work. This would only apply to landowners, not tenants. Gentzler went on to say that the Committee has not decided regarding whether an improvement district should be put together or not. Mike Donnell with Donnell and Allred City Engineers suggested that more people need to get involved voluntarily with this proposed project which could bring costs down because of the volume of work that may be involved. Mayor Dave Duffy thanked Gentzler and the rest of the Committee for their hard work. In other business, the Council approved that Mayor Duffy sign for state airport assistance in the amount of $20,000 from the Wyoming Department of Transportation Aeronautics. The aid would be cut 60/40 with the City of Worland for the Airport Master Plan. Mayor Duffy said that this money will help the airport with lost revenue due to the fact that they have lost their essential air service adding that it would extend the timeline on the master plan for 3 to 5 years and it would prevent the city from having another master plan created. Later on in the meeting Airport Manager Lynn Murdoch reported that the last commercial flight from Great Lakes Airlines at the Worland Airport will be on Friday, September 30th at 12:43pm.

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