Worland City Council Meeting Recap

The Worland City Council was in regular session on Tuesday night, October 18 in the City Hall Chambers. Christy Schneider of the Warehouse in Worland addressed the Council requesting that they stay open late on October 29th, November 25th and December 31st of this year. The request was approved. In other business, Resolution 2016-6 was approved by the Council which will give gymnasiums, fitness centers and Sports Clubs the opportunity to operate in a light industrial zone. City Attorney Kent Richins reported that Bauer Farms has approached employees at Schlumberger in Worland who are leasing land that Bauer Farms owns about possibly removing a fence off of 3rd and Coburn due to the fact there hasn’t been much activity going on recently. The fence was put up in 2001 because of how Schlumberger had been using equipment. Richins stated that he and Mayor Dave Duffy spoke to employees at Schlumberger and Richins is expecting a letter from Schlumberger regarding what they think should or should not be done. In addition, Richins is hoping to receive letters from other utility companies in the City regarding where they stand on this issue. Richins encouraged the Council to speak with officials from Schlumberger if they have any questions and added that a public hearing will be held before any decision is made about what should be done on the property of Schlumberger. Mayor Duffy reported that the City Public Works crew, S&H Glass and Building Inspector Nick Kruger have been working hard on cleaning up glass and boarding up the Old Kirby Theater adding that the City has invested over $3000 in cleaning up the building. Police Chief Gabe Elliott said that his Department has received a Highway Safety Grant for 2017 in the amount of $9000. Engineer Mike Donnell with Donnell & Allred indicated that the surveying of a sewer upgrade system east of 22nd Street has started and the Council went into Executive Session at 8:10pm to talk about Real Estate Values. After over 15 minutes of discussion, the Council emerged from Executive Session and made a motion to authorize City Attorney Kent Richins to draw up a lease agreement with a party to store heavy equipment and that this is brought back to the Council for their approval. The motion passed.

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